One day when my mom and I were in the car driving. So we started talking about random things, and I can’t exactly remember what I said that brought this up. The thing that I brought up was about being perfect. So I said, “how could we say that in the beginning we were perfect, but we made a mistake?” Then my mom tells me that she was going to tell me something that would seem confusing. So of course what do I do, I just go into focus mode. She tells me that you can’t have something without the other. Like how do we know what is good if there was no bad. How would we know what bad was without good. So it first was a bit confusing, but then i thought about it for a little longer and it made sense. Because how do you get an answer to 1+1? You add BOTH the ones. Without the other you would still just have one! So then i thought about perfect. Some people these days just try to fit in, instead of trying to fit their own personality with themselves. So we can’t say that we were perfect because of the saying” you can’t have one without the other”. Besides, what is perfect? Someone who never makes mistakes, or someone who does everything exactly as he or she is told? If that was being perfect……….. And everyone was “perfect”, we wouldn’t be where we are today! Like for instance, we all know that the Hershey Chocolate bar is pretty good for eating, trading with friends, and for going with s’mores! But did you know that the guy who made that kind of chocolate originally had a caramel business? Well something happened and he didn’t do it anymore. That was a mistake, but that guy kept  going and now look! His candies are EVERYWHERE! So if he was “perfect” he may not have ever made a single chocolate bar. So maybe…… we shouldn’t try to be perfect, but just accept that we are humans. That we make mistakes, that we always aren’t right, that sometimes things need improvements, and that being yourself is more important than trying to fit in. So maybe, we should try learning from our mistakes, so we can try to not make them happen again ,and be wiser in the future. Try to make a change in yourself than a change in everything else.   But mainly realize.……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….……………………………………………………………………………………….


That from the worlds’ biggest celebrity, to a little toddler…….. Nobody is perfect

A Mystery

We, as humans, think that we are so smart, and that we can answer or find out anything. Yet, we don’t know everything, and in fact we are nowhere close. Like some questions, the ones that I’ve heard, are like” Are there aliens out there somewhere, what is beyond the farthest distance in space, and what do we not know about our planet?” Now I find those to be very good questions( but mainly not because I asked them myself) Now i will use those three examples  as to how much we currently know. We know for a fact that, OF COURSE THERE ARE ALIENS OR OTHER FORMS OF LIFE BEYOND OF OUR UNIVERSE. That is one third of the questions known, but the other two we still don’t know. The only thing is; even a teacher can learn from a student. So if a teacher can learn from a student, and things can always be improved, helped, and better. Will we ever re

ally know everything. The funny thing is, we don’t even know everything about our own planet! So which one should we do? Try to focus on other things outside of our planet, or try to learn more about our home? Focus on other things, and it could take a super long time to find things. Or just focus on the home planet and learn to improve, to help peace, to help justice, to help family and friends, and to help yourself. I mean honestly, I think that we aren’t doing as much space learning as we used to, but it is ok. My idea would be to do an equal amount of both home, and the other one. And who knows…… We could make Star Wars, or Star Trek real! Now how cool would that be!  But do we know how to do that? And the answer is not with reality….. But with dreams, imagination, and teamwork!So I would say that we could turn this stuff from a mystery or a confusing mess….. To a project or a goal……………… but to do that………………………

            But to do that we must learn, improve, and dream….

A Way to See Things

Today, do you know what i see? I see a” Problem- then a solution” then that solution creating more problems. Like for instance, I’ve heard that some scientists have been researching about this kind of bug; that they say eats other mosquitoes. Now i know for a fact that the main thing helps the act say YES; is that they are mosquitoes. THEY ARE SO ANNOYING, but listen to what i have to say against that. Here are some examples of situations just like this. Kudzu, the Nile Perch, and the African Honey Bee. What were these things for you may ask, and this is what you will find out. The first one is Kudzu. Have you ever seen that SUPER big green stuff growing on plants and trees? That big green thing that looks like a hanging bush? That is Kudzu! Kudzu was brought over to America to help keep the soil more stable, and that is what it did…..

Until eventually it wasn’t really needed as much as it was before, but it was too late because the Kudzoo was already everywhere! So you would think that since they now have Kudzu taking over all over the place. They probably learned their lesson, but that was not what happened. They had another big mistake on fish. That one was the Nile Perch. In case you don’t know what it is; I will go ahead and tell you. Scientists thought that if they brought in a species of fish, that they would start repopulating the lakes WRONG! They are extremely aggressive fish that take over lakes, but that is not even the worst part. The worst part was is that they could literally flop over from their pond to another pond. O as you can guess, they are becoming a big problem. So then you would think that they probably now learned their lesson, but obviously not. Here is the third thing that they did. They bred the Honey Bee with a type of African Bee ,because they thought that the plants were not being as pollinated by enough bees. So what was the outcome? The outcome was the African Honey Bee! So you may not know what a simple type of bee could’ve done right? Well they have caused several human deaths, and they kill other types of bees, and they just look kinda freaky anyways. So if you ever are outside, don’t make any extremely loud noises because that is something they do not like. But don’t worry, this kind of bee is smart enough to when if you jumped into a pool to avoid getting stung, they would wait for you to come up….. So you know how they were having trouble with not enough bees? They almost made that situation WORSE. So now that you know that they clearly won’t listen to the consequences,

do you really want to have everyone be in this situation forever, I mean they are still working on trying to fix their previous “solutions”

So do you really want everyone to keep living like this?

Do you really think that it is ok that we suffer from their foolish stubborn mistakes? If not, and that should be what you’re thinking anyways, then listen to me. What if we stop for a moment. Just whatever we are doing, and take a moment to realize what we all do could affect ourselves, your best friend, and possibly even the whole world. How about we stop trying to fix things completely, but just improvise and improve. Because if you try something and it doesn’t work, what will you do? Will you just fix it and just give it to the world, or will you look at it carefully. Will you just immediately just fix the part. Or will you try different things in different experiments, and just improve it slowly.  But hey don’t ask me or your friend.

Because the only person who can decide is                              



A Little World That Only I See

Funny, I have this t-shirt that says ” I live in my own little world…but it is okay… they know me there” When my friends saw it they laughed with me….. Yet I did some thinking…….

And when after all that time of thinking I realized something, and that something being true about that t-shirt. Now you’re probably thinking” seriously, how could this guy have deep thinking into a t-shirt”. But it is true. Let me take you into my world………….

Welcome to my world. A place of dreams, beliefs, curiosity,  peace, and thought. In this world where the tiniest thing; can be the one with the most ability to be thought about with questions that cannot be answered. Where thoughts turn to curiosity, then to curious thoughts, and so on then can only be with an answer with a good complete guess. Where the guess can be random,scientific,best choice, or out of the beliefs with imaginations. Where dreams are only goals, and can always be reached. Where dreams aren’t just dreams, yet reality of a new modern world. Where imagination is not limited, but allowed to roam the world freely. A place where peace does not have to be fought for, but just given. The reality of realizing the importance of friendship, family, and life. The beauty of lasting and being here is already extraordinary. Including the value of purpose. Needing to know that everything was here for a reason, knowing that where they are is a reason, and knowing that you and I… are here for a reason. Realizing that mistakes happen, and learning from them. Realizing we all make mistakes, and we all are different. So noticing that we all are alike. The place where judging, was only positive. In a place, where we all wouldn’t be sorted by what race, or what we looked like, but who we truly are and us all being humans. That one place that everyone can be free to believe and be who they really are………

         That little world; that would be perfect for and me

A Reward Of Nothing

One day we were not really doing anything, and we were going to have a regular summer day. Until suddenly at THE WORST TIME, as usual, someone schedules a house showing in 3 hours.

So what did we do you may ask. I’ll tell you what we did. We worked our heads off cleaning a giant house everyone is getting screamed at, and in my head during all of the mess,”what?”

That wasn’t even the worst part. While we worked our brains off, they were probably just chilling and taking their time to get here. We get out with 1 minute before the showing starts

JUST ONE MINUTE! So we were like” if they don’t buy this house…..”(OK MAINLY ME) What did they say” Oh it’s pretty and all but were just starting to look into the market”.

That basically means”but we aren’t really looking in buying houses yet, but we did like the house” I ALMOST BLEW UP WITH THAT REPLY. I mean that made me so mad that even words couldn’t explain how angry I was. I am still mad but i guess I am ok…….. I mean I am writing this so yeah, but still………………………………………………….

                    There isn’t anything like A Reward Of Nothing

A Purpose

Everything has a purpose. From the smallest microscopic creature; to the biggest blue whale. They all were here for a reason, and we know pretty much all those reasons……..but one….. The human race.Were we a biological or some kind of mistake? All we do is take over, destroy, and change life as we know it. So many things aren’t here today..because of us!        

We think we help, but we’ve caused things like global warming, wars, and nuclear wars, and just destructive things. So if we were not here, and none of the destruction had happened……would everything really be bad?

We may never know…………….